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The Author has taken this group of people into the future and created a story which wraps the reader in a fantastic world, a romance that lingers and long-suffering challenges that are faced with no hesitation. The sense of curiosity of these people, leading them to understand the nature of their power and the Universe around them makes good reading throughout these books. Wager Publishing

• Trilogy •

The System of Light Trilogy
Sci Fi Adventures & Romance

The System of Light Trilogy - Book 1



A new culture evolves in the seven planets of the System of Light. The inhabitants of this system have the power to harness light. This power is the envy of those who reside in the Dark territory of the galaxy. A lifestyle, romance, adventure in space and on land unfolds in this sector of the galaxy, stretching the ability of the people of the System of Light to protect their territory against tyranny. The leaders of Torain, the central planet in the system, may need to rely on the history of their power to ensure their survival.

The System of Light Trilogy - Book 2


“Slabs of rock
Words unseen
Memories held
Unfolding dreams”

The power of true love lingers, softening the backdrop of persistent threats to the System of Light from the enemy, the Kashada of the Dark Territory. With the Stones of Torain having emerged as a gift from their Ancestors, the inhabitants of the System of Light have a wealth of true knowledge and history at their fingertips. Finally, after eons, the long-forgotten essence and magnitude of their power of light is revealed, permitting discoveries to continue. Yet, challenges by the Kashada increase, and a long-desired quest looms on the probable horizon of the future. But amidst the growing joy, new challenges are surfacing, and they will need to remain united. While they uncover the depth of an old treachery buried beneath the shadows of their history, do they realize that all is not what it seems? 

The System of Light Trilogy - Book 3



The arrival of one individual changes the destiny of the entire System of Light (SOL). Challenges continue with the plotting of the takeover of the SOL by the war faring leader of the Kashada on the planet, Orb, Garkullen. The mystery of the island Karnu looms strongly and is destined to be uncovered, exposing a history of unscrupulous actions of one condemned traitor.   Covert activity of the eye in his purple stone is exposed and traced to its source through the efforts of the Elders and the Galactic Space Force.Access to the Stones of Torain and the life within them further reveal answers to many questions and the history of the System.The families of Mica and Aarne are once again entwined in the fight for the survival of the System in which they live.  A source of wonder is revealed in this tale which carries you through adventure, romance and catastrophes, giving hope and recognition of the fantastic nature of this System of Light and its people.