Book 1 The Linking Moons

A GREAT READ !!     “The Linking Moons”  by Phillipa Wade
This book sets a beautiful panoramic view of another universe: one where the future has endless potential, but where a story of heroes and heroines develops into one of intrigue, treachery and betrayal. With a thrilling sense of ancient supernatural science overlaid by the need to preserve what is good and defeat plans of ambition and greed, the plot moves to a grand finale which I urge all to get into and enjoy! Lots of fun, with that ring of truth which leaves you turning the next page.
~Robin Hogarth,  double Grammy winner
producer, arranger, composer




I was first impressed by the poetic thread of the writing, I immediately wanted to read more because it is written so beautifully. Then I got taken by the technologies described in this civilization, it became so inviting to live in a simple yet novel and powerful place. I wanted to be part of this world, it started to inhabit me. Then I kept falling in love with the characters, so much that I couldn't stop reading. I followed Mica in her adventures and her sense of honor and truth. I closed the book with a strong feeling of having been touched by beauty



Intrigue and Adventure


A whole new planetary system the author has created for us. The story gained momentum and gripped me. Intrigue, adventure, betrayal, a really good read. A well written new world for Science Fiction readers. Can’t wait for the next book.  ~RG

Thinking about
the 'System of Light'
and wondering what will be next.
~photograph by Swan & Silk!

~ THE LINKING MOONS ~ I enjoyed this book very much; characters were interwoven extremely well into the overall story, keeping my interest and causing more than a few late nights! The way the author described the moons and the planets of the System of Light, I could totally duplicate that in my mind and immerse myself into that universe. I liked it so much I read it again just recently before plunging myself into Book Two, The Stones of Torain. For lovers of Sc-Fi, I would highly recommend.



What a FANTASTIC read. I am so sad that my delightful escape is over! This is a great story and a wonderful read! I fell madly in love with all the characters. I paced myself to make the last half of the story last as long as possible. I want to move to the Linking Moons world! The amazing technology, all the appealing people to meet and the fascinating places to visit and live in. I hope our future here on earth is even remotely close to what life is like on the Linking Moons. 

Warning: If you read this book, you will surely fall in love just as I have and you will be ever so lonely when you get to the end of the book. WHERE IS THE NEXT BOOK PLEASE? I NEED TO KNOW HOW EVERYONE IS GETTING ALONG! I MISS THEM ALL!  ~MT

Highly Recommended

Intrigue, Adventure, Betrayal - a really good read

You’ll Feel Like You’re There!

The characters were real; the fight was real!! This is good vs evil in a fight for life and future! Loved it and want more!!!  ~VR

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I just completed reading
this great novel. 

I was very pleasantly surprised to find
a new author 
with a great writing style. 

The characters were well developed 

and the storyline
was very creative and interesting. 

I highly recommend it to anyone
looking for a good read. 



Carving out words is an art form. 

This will someday be a series I know! 

This is a must read for those that just want a great story 

that will make your imagination soar into other worlds. 




Thoroughly absorbing and enchanting read

even for those who are not sci-fi fans!

I am eagerly looking forward to the sequel.






The Linking Moons is a poetic marriage between science fiction and romance.  While reading Linking Moons, I found myself thinking of the Ruth Bader Ginsberg quote, “Never underestimate the power of a girl with a book”. That resonated as the character of Mica was further developed.  Her journey was captivating to me, and I found myself eagerly turning the pages, while on the edge of my seat, as her drama unfolded. ~KC